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Upcoming Events

Kitchen Events

  • Pizza Every Wednesday 6/8pm
  • Special Wings 3rd Thursday of the month 7/9pm
  • Wings all other Thursdays 6/8pm
  • Open Monday & Saturday 11/1pm – Limited Menu

 1  Sign up Kids Christmas Party &  Browns vs Steelers 4:25pm
 7  DJ 7/11pm
 8  A.L.R. Breakfast 10/Noon & Browns vs Bengals 1pm
14  Kids Christmas Party & Army vs Navy 3pm
15  Browns vs Arizona 4:03pm
19  Special Wing Nite
21  Adult Christmas Party – DJ
22  A.L.R. Breakfast 10/Noon & Browns vs Baltimore 1pm
29  Browns vs Cincinnati 1pm


 1 Happy New Year  Canteen Opens at Noon
 4  DJ 7/11pm
12  A.L.R. Breakfast 10/Noon
23  Special Wing Nite 6/8pm
26  A.L.R. Breakfast 10/Noon


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