American Legion

The American Legion was chartered by Congress in 1919 as a patriotic, mutual-help, war-time veterans organization. A community-service organization which now numbers nearly 3 million members — men and women — in nearly 15,000 American Legion Posts worldwide. These Posts are organized into 55 Departments — one each for the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, France, Mexico, and the Philippines. The American Legion’s national headquarters is in Indianapolis, Indiana, with additional offices in Washington, DC. In addition to thousands of volunteers serving in leadership and program implementation capacities in local communities to the Legion’s standing national commissions and committees, the national organization has a regular full-time staff of about 300 employees.


Post 91 Constitution & By-Laws

2023-2024 Officers

Commander James Lockyer
1st Vice Commander Ed Leopold
2nd Vice Commander Keith Mattison
Finance Officer Mel Baher
Adjutant George Masie

Americanism/Oratorical Jeff Myers
Buckeye Boys State
Building Chairman Lenny Drager
Canteen Chairman George Masie
Canteen Manager Sarah Baher
Color Guard Robert Roginsky
Chaplain Linda Heffern
Chaplain Assistant Jerry Young
Children & Youth Chairman Linda Heffern
Gifts For The Yanks
Graphic Design Victoria Schaft
Hall Rental Marilla Baher
Historian Mel Baher
Judge Advocate C. J. Smith
Legislative Chairman
Media & Communications  Linda Kramer
Memorial Day Chairman Mike Farrell
National Security Chairman Mel Baher
Newsletter Editor/Web-site Victoria Schaft
POW/MIA Mel Baher
Public Relations Director Linda Kramer
Past Commander Advisor Ed Leopold
S.A.L. Advisor Jeff Myers
Scholarship Committee Tony Mazzeo
Service Officer Ray Kozlowski
Sergeant At Arms Andy Peculis
Sergeant At Arms Assistant Glenn Cammerata
VA&R Chairman Ray Kozlowski
Ways & Means Committee Don Vaji
Kitchen Manager Sarah Baher
Kitchen Advisor Ed Leopold
Executive Board Ed Leopold
Len Drager
Glenn Cammerata
Brian Riddle
Mike Farrell
Don Vaji
Andy Dickson
James Lockyer
Commander/Automatic Director Mel Baher
Jeff Myers
Linda Heffern
Tom Morgan
C.W. Smith
George Masie
Ed Leopold
James Lockyer
Alternate Jon Reiss
Auxiliary President Donella Kline
S.A.L. Commander Duane Schaft
A.L.R. Director Mike Farrell
13 District Commander Joe Ruland

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Welcome To Post 91

Commander Mel Baher welcomes you to Albert E. Baesel American Legion Post 91… The Post By The Lake. Named after Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient Albert E. Baesel, Post 91 is located at the corner of Albert E. Baesel Drive and American Legion Parkway in Berea, Ohio (20 minutes southwest of Cleveland). Click Here to learn more.

Post 91 Units

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